Saturday, April 01, 2006

Live Blogging: Saturday Night

A quiet moment caught admist the fervent activity...

Well this has been a very interesting day indeed. I enjoyed Preston Manning's speech at lunch time and it was cool to meet him afterwards - he signed my copy of THINK BIG and it was captured on TV so if you saw it that was me - sadly my pictures didn't really turn out so I am including this little one here and thats it.

I didn't get a chance yesterday to blog about seeing an old friend - one of my favourite people in the world came all the way from Washington DC to cast his vote - Minister Councellor Murray Smith. So good to see Murray again. Can't wait to go visit him (was planning for July... but I have a feeling my time just became premium).

As for tonight - it is the night of Hospitality. Leadership Hospitality Suites galore... and considering what happened last night it will be interesting to see what the mood is. Our Hospitality Suite is at the Saltlik (8th Ave) starting at 10:00pm after the festivities. Click on the image for a larger invite.

Oh, and tomorrow's Q&A session has been cancelled.

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Minou said...

It's so good to see you in the thick of things Allie. I can't say I share your trust in this party or your conservative leanings, but everything I know about you tells me you are a quality individual with integrity and a strong moral compass. I thank the goddess that people like you are involved in this party and in mainstream politics in general. You even have me thinking I might need to re-evaluate a few things.