Friday, February 10, 2006

It might be an early spring afterall

A week or so ago I remember I was smiling to myself as I walked in the warmth of the sunshine listening to the birds sing all around me. An excitement that threatened to burst out of me dared to hope that a early spring would soon be upon us.

Today I had the pleasure of watching a bird build it's nest while I waited for the bus. I could help but wonder with certain fascination at the sheer tenacity of it - afterall it is still mid February in Alberta Canada. Winter could still rage.

Truth be told, this year winter never really began. More days than not it has seemed like fall or spring; barely any snow fell at all and only a few days required the down jacket I purchased for the season. I've been waiting for winter with a distant expectation but a growing sense of oddity replaced it a while ago, with the sense that winter has passed us by. The birds might be right - it might be spring afterall.

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Jon said...

So, the universe just dealt Calgary the "Card of Infinite Cold" for Thursday. -21 for a high according to Environment Canada.

I guess the bird in your photo, the trees with green buds and my mom and cousin flying up from Florida on Wednesday will finally get to experience winter this year.

I laugh maniacly.