Friday, February 24, 2006

At the Cross Roads

Duncan and I are at the PIA PSE conference in Edmonton, as I blog. Tonight we have listened to Keynote speakers Jeffrey Simpson (the Globe and Mail’s national affairs columnist) and Peter MacMenamin (the Deputy General Secretary of the Teachers’ Union in Ireland). The Conference promises to offer a "unique opportunity for all post-secondary education stakeholders, advocates, and members of the public to develop concrete initiatives and action plans, which will provide a framework to fashion a post-secondary education system that best serves our society."

Despite my life being currently "overfull" (is that a word?) of Politics and Policy issues, and despite the fact that I haven't stopped working for almost two weeks (no long weekend for me - and I work next weekend too!) I am very much looking forward to it! Now - the cash bar reception beckons.

Oh, and believe it or not, my arm hurts.


Beatrice said...

I'm glad you've been enjoying the conference so far. And that bar sounds good. :) I'm here at home editing my film study unit plan for next week.

I'm sorry that your arm is hurting. (I can't believe a bus hit you like that! Didn't the driver even notice?) You should have it checked out if you haven't already. I know when I was injured before in a car accident it took a while for my body to realise that it was in pain and something was wrong.

Many *hugs* to you


michele said...

I second Beatrice's recommendation. My ex was in a car accident & because it was on company time, they sent him to emerg though he felt okay. x-rays said he was fine. A week later his shoulder was still very painful. New x-rays showed it was dislocated. I suppose that's as much as story about the incompetance of some radiation technologist as Beatrice's example of your body not knowing it's hurt, but I guess I'm saying, even if you have had it checked out, if it still hurts, go again.

Allie said...

You guys are too sweet, being concerned about little ol' me. I am touched, truly (and I don't mean by the damn bus).

I seem to have made a full recovery and don't even suffer any twinges of anxiety when walking in front of buses (but I am sure to scowl madly at the bus driver who hit me if I ever see him again).

I am strong. I am mighty. The bus took me on and I won :-)

Lets hope I am always so lucky.