Monday, February 20, 2006

Family Day in Alberta only comes once a year

Since 1990 Alberta is the only province in Canada to have a statutory holiday in February. It is a time for Albertans to celebrate their families.

According to Wikipedia, the holiday was proclaimed into law by Don Getty after an embarrasing scandal involving his own son forced him to publically admit that he had neglected his family and needed to spend more time with them. Interestingly, the newly proclaimed Family Day falls on the same day as Presidents' Day (USA) - leading to the speculation that the major reason for the proclamation of this holiday was to allow many Albertan Petroleum companies to be closed on the same day their american counterparts were.

Whatever... we get a free holiday out of it. Yay Family Day!


Jon said...

Sweet, sweet Family Day. It's only fault is that the college rides on it's coat tails and places it's Reading Week during the same time.

Damn, them and their piggy back holidays!

Tracy said...

Kids go crazy during Family Day because it's the 5th day of the long weekend (thursday-friday teachers convention). Ever have kids in the house for 5 straight days? Damn you Alberta! :)

Allie said...

Thats kinda funny :-)

My kids didnt get any extra time off - so maybe your school is pulling something special :-)