Friday, February 13, 2004

Valentines come from the Heart

I believe that Valentines Day is a wonderful opportunity to shower your cherished one with attention, affection and romance...

Although I don't think you have to spend alot of money (actually I prefer the more romantic, creative and thoughtful approach), Valentines Day is most certainly one of those times that the thought really does count, and let me assure you if there is no thought at all, it will count more than you can imagine!

Here are some tips for the romance challenged:

* Don't tell your partner about that perfect present you almost bought
* Don't forget to wear clean underwear
* Don't wipe your nose on your sleeve
* Always hold the door open for her
* Household appliances are not Valentine's Day gifts
* Compliments are free!
* Chocolate always works
* Candle light is romantic
* Sentimental moments create memories that last a lifetime
* If going out for a meal don't forget your wallet

A little bit of attention goes a long way on this day, so imagine how far a lot of attention will get you!

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

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