Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Day of Action my Butt

So I am supposed to be covering this story about a student group here planning some events around a Day of Protest (thats today). To me it actually seems to be a small group of three people or so ("Last Years" has beens) who are insistent on grabbing as much media attention as possible for their "cause".

I emailed one of these people today with some interview questions and a suggestion we meet after the protest today. But he says he is too busy to answer my email and won't be staying that long at the protest. He wants me to go and find him so he can have an interview. Ha. Way to impress the media, bud.

Their sorry little press release calls their tenting protest at the Leg an "Occupation". Yesterday I went to cover said "Occupation" and eventually, after freezing my butt off, I found three empty tents set up beside the ledge in a parking lot. Yeah, some occupation. Pathetic. I was a little bitter on wasting my time

Anyways, I write, it's what I do, I will find a story in this somewhere. It's just not likely to be what they want it to be.

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