Sunday, February 22, 2004

Calgary Varsity PC Friendraiser

We had little golf bags made up as part of the raffle - they were sold with the raffle tickets in them, and besides being cute, hold two cans of beer! Actually, the reality is that this picture is about my funky pink nails. Check it out. I am such a girl!

Here's a picture of Duncan and Quynn. Yes, I tried to get him to turn around, but he was too busy with the politics of the evening!

And last, but not least, the glorious MLA Murray Smith, Minister of Energy. Look at how divinely inspired the light emanating from behind him makes him appear! It is a sign, I tell you...

Anyways, the fundraiser was Murray's fourth diner, and was a golf theme, called Murrays Diner FORE. It went very well. I mini golfed for the first time ever (and was pretty good), had funky nails, and got to watch Minister of Health and MLA Gary Mar's daughter (Mackenzie) beat everyone at Table Hockey.

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