Friday, February 27, 2004

If it looks like the draft, and smells like the draft...

According to the Dictionary, the following definition can be found for Draft:

Compulsory enrollment in the armed forces

So, last month, when President Bush authorized the mandatory extention of 40, 000 soldiers military service for two more years, he was essentially drafting them.

"Can the US president with the signature of a pen indenture tens of thousands of US citizens? That is the question we are now investigating," said Luke Hiken, a lawyer in San Francisco. "This is a tremendous militarisation of civilian families."

Interestingly enough, the same article refers to a certain american Private Jeremy Hinzman, who filed legal papers to become the first US soldier objecting to the Iraq war to be granted refugee status in Canada.

"I signed up to defend my country, not carry out acts of aggression."

Did you know that almost 250 american's apply for refugee status in Canada, every year?

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