Monday, February 23, 2004

My amazing disappearing adventures

I must have done something wrong in a previous life because I have bad “gamers” karma.

I enjoy gaming. I’m meticulously thorough when playing through my beloved adventure games. I like to find everything, discover every little secret and get the most out of my game experience. Consequently, I tend to invest a massive amount of my time in each game that I play.

It seems though, that I may be cursed. My well meaning fiancé has the habit of inadvertently saving over my game files. This first happened when he wanted to play the level I was on in Eternal Darkness, right near the end. Then my character in Knights of the Old Republic was the next victim.

And proving that the curse extends beyond just my household, one of the people Duncan works with recently borrowed and lost our Metroid Fusion GBA Cartridge. With my almost finished gave file on it. No kidding. Samus was right on the verge of victory… but now it is gone. To be fair, he did replace it, but, the problem is that I have spent so much time already playing my games, that the thought of starting all over again from the beginning is not exactly tantalizing. I tend to be a very busy person, and I guard my spare time jealously. The thought of spending my “available” time in the pursuit of rebuilding a game is nothing less than disheartening.

But I do miss my games. And if I have learned one thing in this life then it is that starting over is not always as bad as it first seems.

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