Sunday, February 01, 2004

Peel and Play Workshopping our way to our Inner Stripper!

Mary Taylor did a short "Peel and Play Workshop" at the Everything About Sex Show, and when she asked for male volunteers I gleefully volunteered Duncan as one (how could I not benefit in the long run from this???). She gave instruction on the art of Strip Tease, and the crowd cheered them on as they they did it!

This is Duncan trying out the techniques on his partner "Mandy." Everyone was a tad bit self concious, but it was all good fun!

Mandy's turn, and then, Ex Stripper "Mary Taylor" gets in on the act! She was definatley alot more experienced!

Stripper Mary shows us all how it's done! I think Duncan enjoyed this part the most!

As for me, I think I liked the girls cheering for Duncan as he did his little thing on the Catwalk. He's so sexy! They let me go up on the stage too so I could take pictures as Duncan discovered his inner stripper! I think we got the most of this show as possible!!!

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