Friday, January 23, 2004

Who decides what's farking newsworthy these days?

It's not news, it's FARK!

I love FARK. I often can't get enough FARK, which is good because FARK just keeps on coming. With a sense of webminded humour and from within a culture of "Farkisms" - the news is presented in the most enjoyable method I have ever come across. Lord knows, with the news these days, one needs some creative comic relief to get through it. A day without FARK is tantamount to a day without coffee.

Here is a selection of stories I found on FARK today (via FARK)

Elephant Makes Daring Escape from Zoo
Soviet Army fought UFOs
Pensioner run down by dog driving milk float
Chasing Elk Part of Airport Manager's Job

Go FARK yourself today!

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