Tuesday, January 13, 2004

It's Tuesday today

We soldier on through the daily rush of feelings and life goes on. We are rediscovering the world around us. I start working at my new job tomorrow, at 8:30am. Did I mention thats 830 in the morning? Laughs. It's a good thing.

I spent the afternoon updating the home pages, updating the DVD movie lists, fixing my photoalbum links and making another page. I am not all entirely finished, but getting there. Its really just housekeeping stuff.

Today I read that our Armed Forces are finally getting new jeeps to replace the Iltis. Being a previous soldier with a DND driving permit in an infantry regiment, I obviously have many "fond" memories of the Iltis. Well, "fond" might be an exageration, but I did learn to drive a standard transmission and cross country in that beast. However, my favourite memory was this one message that came in to the unit regarding the safety of this particular vehicle (probably in 1993). The purpose of the messsage was to inform us that the Iltis could not be driven over the speed of 80km an hour. The message further stated that if speeds were to exceed the maximum limit that it was possible that the front axle would snap, propelling the driver backwards into the rear seat of the vehicle. It finished with a warning to us that if this occurred, the driver may lose control of the vehicle.

My only thought at the time: "MAY lose control?"

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