Friday, January 16, 2004

All I can say right now...

Bad GSA President. Bad. Bad. Bad.

Thats all I can say right now. I will say more later.

Update: For all the curious; today, like I mentioned previously, was the tuition decision at the U of Alberta. Yes, the tuition was raised again, but that was expected. It was also expected that the Graduate Students President might (even likely) vote for the increase (grad students get more funding indexed to potential tuition increases)... however it was not expected that SHE WOULD ACTUALLY MOVE THE MOTION. Bleck. Bad politics. She didn't have to go that far; and it's not like the vote was ever in danger by one vote. She sold herself out today - and I doubt whoever she was trying to impress respects her at all for it, especially now that they have exactly what they wanted. No, she didn't make any friends today. Oh well, what does she care?

In other news, my new job has been loads of fun. I have been busy, but the environment is entertaining, enjoyable and there is little to no stress. I missed working on campus so I am happy to be back; and I get to meet Duncan for lunch, as well as running at the University track (also something I miss). I am tired though, and I am glad the week is over. So far this year feels like it has been its own year all together.

We deserve a weekend!

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