Saturday, June 28, 2003

Blogger block...

Ok, I will admit it, I am sufferring a little bit from blogger's block. The weather is warm here - not too hot (no one is dropping dead from the heat) but nice enough to enjoy the sunshine and think of frolicking beside mountain lakes. We have been utilizing the BBQ (Duncan BBQ's up a mean storm!) and enjoying summer evenings (the ones we get to spend at home) drinking on our patio dreaming up the ways our summer will go. Well until the motivation strikes me, please observe the Quizilla Blog rating (as pictured below) and get yourself a rating as well.

What rating is your journal?

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Disclaimer: My thoughts are mine and mine alone - and I figure if you come here to read, you are entitled to my opinion... if I do say something that offends you, leave your comments (as I am always open to other points of view). But I would admit (I adore dialogue) my aim is more to encourage independant thought in my audience so that knowledge becomes a collective wisdom shared within the expansive medium that is blog.

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