Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Out for Blood

The New York Times (24 June 2003) quoted New Jersey Mosquito Control Expert ROBERT KENT, as saying:
"The adult mosquito population is not flying, but resting and staying out of the weather like any other adult with common sense. One of our concerns is that when the weather changes and we get some hot, dry days, they are really going to be out looking for blood."

Speaking of blood sucking pests….

The ART of Seduction?

We picked this book up on one of our library forays thinking it would add to our expanding repertoire of sexual skills…. But as it turns out that the book is a twisted how to/self help concoction that is a good example of the steps a psycho-stalker goes through in selecting and harassing their prey. The book even refers to the potential “lover” as the “victim” and elaborates how to employ certain “tactics” (types of emotional and physical harassment) to “convince” the “victim” of their undying “attraction” and “devotion” to you… ummm, yeah, that’s called harassment, co-dependancy and abuse. It lays out a sick, sad kind of pseudo-relationship that could only appeal to the more deviant amongst us… you know the kind that can’t seem to have a fulfilling, healthy, loving, unconditional relationship. It’s an interesting read into the world of these people but I don’t see how you could treat someone you cared about in this manner.

So this would be a great time to re-suggest reading Gavin de Becker’sThe Gift of Fear: And other survival signals that protect us from violence” – especially in light of the above book… de Becker outlines the common techniques of sexual predators and illustrates how to utilize your instincts to escape and evade these types of manoeuvres. It’s a great read at any given time!

But for those who seriously would like to increase their knowledge in the sexual arena, and learn how to be more confident in your relationships, we highly recommend Lou Paget’s (A U of Calgary Alumni I might add) "How to be a Great Lover".

And for those of you who are actually looking for ways to expand their relationship with their partner, and indulge an element of competition and control in a safe enjoyable manner, we humbly suggest trying out one of our favourite board games, Sexy Folies. It’s an erotic, stimulating board game only for Lovers where you are encouraged to “Conquer” your mate’s body in a provocative monopoly style game. But in the end, everyone wins!

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