Monday, June 09, 2003

Today is a special day!

Today is an anniversary of numerous sorts, and of the best kind - one year ago Duncan came to live with me. One year ago, he made my house feel like a home, became part of my family and brightened my world beyond question. One year that feels short in it's brevity compared to the enormous promise of many more years to come, yet infinite like the lifetime already lived. One year that has been my beginning of loving him the way he deserves to be loved, and I will only get better at it! And, to top it off, what a better way to celebrate our day but with beer and a Stanley Cup final???

Duncan and I share a deep admiration for the sport of hockey and love the chance to share hockey together. Hockey and the Stanley Cup is why god sent me to live in Canada. There is a certain magic entertained in that vessel, like it is the Holy Grail, and to be in it's presenceis to have your heart beat in a sacred momentum with every puck on every hockey stick that has ever brought it's sniper the most holiest and sought after sports trophies. It has a spirit (and a story) of it's own.

Adding monumentally to the varied list of Cinderella Stories can now be found the infamous but woeful tale of the Mighty Ducksof Anaheim. True, it appeared just not meant to be, and although I guess I owe my hockey allegiance to Martin Brodeur for bringing us our first gold in 50 years last year, I couldn't help but feel a little remorse when I saw Giguere's few brief tears that witnessed his realization that it was all over. So close, yet so very far. When it comes to the Stanley Cup, there is no second place - and "close" only counts in horse-shoes, hand grenades and nuclear bombs. The better team won. However, Giguere's claim to the Conn Smythe was more then valid and definatley deserved - and 'bad form' to the Devils fans for boo-ing him... you did just win your third Stanley Cup in less then ten years, and after all, it was a gallant effort on the part of the ducks bringing a team like the New Jersey Devils to game seven of the Stanley Cup finals.

For those who may have missed the 3-0 win that brings the Devils the Cup - check out the video highlights. The playing of Star Wars Theme music as the Cup is hoisted was particularily pleasing for us, I am sure you will enjoy it as well!

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