Monday, June 23, 2003

Anniversary Celebrations Galore, House hunting, fact finding, shopping and much much more!!!

Friday in Edmonton was busy, yet pleasantly successful. We managed to get everything done at the U of Alberta Campus and we left with Duncan actually being a student! After we completed our goals for the day we went to our outrageously beautiful hotel to check in for the weekend. As our trip to Edmonton also corresponded nicely with an anniversary of ours (one year of us living together) Duncan took it upon himself to plan and book a romantic getaway weekend at the lovely Fairmont Hotel MacDonald! It was so very sweet of him to think of it, and I was delighted (and he was well rewarded)! The room itself that we stayed in was impressive... a little hard to describe but the bed was amazing - it came all the way up to my waist, and the mattress must have been a foot and a half thick, maybe even two... it was a dream just to lay on it! The room had a three room bathroom, including a lovely little place for the woman to sit and doll herself up, should she so desire. Just staying at the Hotel is an experience itself, but being there with Duncan made it incredible!

Friday evening saw our celebrations begin with reservations for two at the famous Harvest Room, overlooking the North Saskatchewan River. I love eating with Duncan - and we enjoy sampling all sorts of different or exotic fare as if eating was our favourite adventure to share along with the business of living... and I thought this meal was incredible! The meal begans with an amazing assortment of tantilizing breads, which we began to enjoy with our Australian Chardonay, and then with the soups we had as an appetizer. I enjoyed the Wild Field and Forest Mushrom Chowder (with Creme Fraiche) whilst Duncan savoured his Three Year Old White Cheddar Soup. I had the most amazing course of medium rare Pan Roasted White Tail Deer Sirloin with heavenly Foie Gras Butter melted over top of it and Tawny Port Reduction (best deer I ever had!). Duncan devoured the Cider Brined Sturgeon Valley Pork Rack Chop (with smoked applewood cheddar gratin and apple corn salad). The food was absolutley delectable and the company I was entertaining was scrumptious also! It was the perfect evening! Happy Anniversary to us!

Saturday we mostly used up with "House Hunting" type activities, which actually takes more effort then it might sound, but is exciting nevertheless. We did find the area we think we would like to live in and looked at some really nice places there, close to schools and West Edmonton Mall (where we spent the majority of the rest of our time). West Ed is shamelessy consumer driven, but any Mall with an indoor hockey rink is cool in my books! And it's a huge selling point with the kids! Saturday evening we saw How to Lose a Guy in 10 days, which is worth seeing once, in the cheap theatres. I laughed more then Duncan did, but we both managed to enjoy the humour (even if some of it was incredibly evil). Sunday we merely slept in (on that great bed), had coffee and then Duncan drove us home. All in all a good trip.

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