Wednesday, June 25, 2003

When the search for Peace becomes Perpetual War

Reading my Adbusters (July/August 2003) today reminds me that I should still be politically motivated in my blog posts, even though the worlds media seems to have calmed down, creating the allusion that there is nothing to scream about. Well, thats a farce. Shit happens everywhere, all the time, even here (I really have meant to post about same sex marriages - which I unequivocally support). I love Adbusters. It is my favourite magazine (Duncan gets credit for my subscription as it was a Christmas gift) and I am glad it comes to pierce my awareness every once in a while, wakes me up. I have a brain for a reason. I need to challenge my beliefs and my existence, and the beliefs I employ within that existence. I need to be uncomfortable and critical atleast once in a while. An oyster slowly forms a pearl from a single grain of sand that irritates it, as it gently mulls it around...

The theme of this latest Adbusters centres around the mixed messages we are consistently bombarded with, culturally and politically (I usually refer to them as "propaganda"). The cover(s) exhibit people screaming (reminiscient of "the Scream") and sport the words:


The issue contains a provocative article, written by James MacKinnon, who interviewed Richard Falk (Visiting Professor of Global Studies at the U of California and Professor Emeritus of International Law at Princeton University) on the familiarilty of FASCISM in some of what we are hearing and expected to accept within our newest geopolitical climate. It's worth the read, but here is a taste to tantilize:

"Q. Can you tell us your definition of traditional fascism?

Yes: the convergence of military and economic power on behalf of an ultranationalist ideology that views its enemies - internally and externally - as evil and subject to extermination or extreme punishment."

Hmmm. Food for thought... Sound familiar? Irritated yet? Remember, the worst state of being a human can be in is the state of being "right". Wouldn't we rather have pearls? Discuss. Challenge what you have been told!

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