Monday, July 04, 2005

Together. Forever and Always.

"Whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven"
- Matthew 16:19

The Avery's, newly sealed.

My oldest friend Dawn is a Mormon, and always has been, even after both her parents left the church. Dawn always dreamed of the day when her and her husband, and their children could be sealed in the Temple. For Mormon's the ritual of "sealing" is understood as the establishment of a bond of legitimacy, joining together children and parents in a relationship that is to endure forever. This special type of ceremony, which can only be preformed in an LDS Temple dedicated to God, is referred to as "eternal marriage" or "celestial marriage."

Dawn and her family had to achieve many important milestones to win the right to travel to the Temple to be sealed (receiving their Temple recommend). This past weekend they drove from Vancouver Island all the way to Cardston Alberta, the closest Temple. Once at the Temple they had many preparatory ordinances (ceremonial washing and anointing before donning sacred temple robes, religious instruction, Temple Endowment and recieving the divine presence) before they were sealed together in eternal marriage.

I am happy that Dawn was finally able to achieve her dream, and that it was as meaningful to her as she had always hoped, her exchange of vows in the celestial room, sealed for all eternity to her husband. And with it, she, and her family, have achieved the goal of every worthy Mormon. Congrats.

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