Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Belated Canada Day Report

I had one of the best Canada Day's of my life this past July 1st. I don't mean to be tardy posting about it - it's more that Canada Day didn't end for me until July 2nd and then the weekend was so fabulous I didn't have time to sit down and blog.

For us Canada's 138th birthday began with a lovely sleep in and special breakfast (eggs benedict, a la Duncan). Then we joined the rest of our 32,805,041 fellow Canadians in partying across our 10 provinces and 3 territories. This entailed the four of us meeting up with Brett and Beatrice to rock along with Randy Bachman (the first concert I ever went to was BTO) and the Bare Naked Ladies, who were HOT. We had been lucky enough to get floor passes so there was much Canadian flag draped dancing and singing to be done by myself and Duncan. It was harder for Wesley and Raven to see but they did their best and still danced. One of the best parts for me was watching Wesley sing along with us to "If I had a Million Dollars" at the end of the concert. It occurred to me that our generations enjoy the same music (but that's a blog topic all in itself).

We ended the night with dinner, a spectacular fireworks show over the Legislature Buildings and some rowdiness along Whyte Avenue before getting a bus home to our beds. The kids left for Calgary the next morning so Duncan and I spent the weekend doing what all other newly weds do when they are left alone to entertain themselves... you know, gardening!


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