Friday, June 17, 2005

Thank God it's Friday.

I woke up this morning at 5-something, convinced it was Saturday so I turned off the alarm, closed the blinds and snuggled back up to my adoring husband. An hour or so later (emphasis on late) Duncan drags me from the sweet comfort of sleep to inform me that it is indeed FRIDAY. In a panic I jumped up quickly to get ready only to have my nose explode - blood everywhere. When that minor crisis abates I realize that I now cant find my purse, and worse, we've missed the bus. So I phone my boss to let him know I am going to be late, and set off.

Coming off Whitemud onto Fox Drive was slow as the traffic at a stand still. A major accident is blocking an intersection and fire trucks are everywhere. You would be amazed at home much room on a road a couple of fire trucks take up. The bus finally picks its way through the mess and we are on our way again. Then, just as we are pulling onto the university, the girl sitting in front of us starts crying. When her sister asks what is wrong she says she can't see. I assume (looking at the text book in her hand and taking note of the panic in her sister) that this is a new development. Her sister calls her mom and then tries to help her off the bus, except she collapses on the ground. So there I stayed, cradling her for a bit, talking to her and insisting her sister call an ambulance.

Believe it or not, I was only 5 minutes late. But given that this all happened within my first 90 minutes of being awake, I was feeling like my day should be over already, let alone just starting. I'm so very glad it's Friday. We need this break this week!

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