Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Kibbles and Bits and Bits and Bits

Can Elephants Jump?

We have the most interesting conversations at my new workplace (which I am enjoying, by the way). One of the most recent was a mini discussion on the physiology of an elephants legs and feet. Most people think that it is impossible for an elephant to jump and this popular understanding tends to be considered as truth. Yet some elephants do jump. Mostly baby elephants, and usually only if provoked, but there have been a few sightings of adult elephants jumping in the wild. It seems that an elephants body size and weight is not really conducive to the act of jumping, so with little reason for an elephant to jump in its natural habitat (it’s only natural predator is man and 14 tonne tigers) and it’s sheer size making it able to walk through or over just about everything, I can understand why they don’t jump. Why leap when you can trudge?

Java Java Java!

Good organic coffee is hard to find, but once you’ve found it – it sure is hard to forget. So flavourful is the organic roast coffee at the Sugarbowl beneath Duncan’s office that I don’t just crave it, sometimes I dream about it. It really is the perfect coffee, free of chemicals (no pesticides and herbicides), low in acid, non bitter, fairly traded and it’s grown in an environmentally friendly manner. I love the way it makes me feel as it’s warmth flows without resistance into my empty, breakfast free tummy. Even better is spending that time in the morning with Duncan before we head in separate directions to work. Mmmmmmm. It’s the best of all worlds!

Lady bug, Lady bug, Fly Away...

Yesterday when I was walking through a large parking lot I came across the tiniest green leaf, laying there like an oasis in the middle of the bleakness. When I looked even closer I discovered that there was a Ladybug perched on this little green leaf. Their combined vivid colours in the midst of grey vastness gave me pause for thought. It seemed to me to be an overwhelming illustration of pure and simple faith. It made me think of how we, when sometimes caught in the middle of bleakness ourselves, grasp at whatever beauty we can – and how we determinably hang on to that regardless of the circumstances we are faced with.

"Peeking" Duck: Keeping an eye on China

We’ve all heard about the potential that Bird Flu possesses as a threat to humans if the virus manages to evolve into a form that can easily spread from person to person. In the interest of self preservation, I keep an eye on it’s developments. Pandemics have dwindled our numbers since the beginning of time, hitting us hard and fast when they come. But now, for the first time in the history of mankind, we potentially have the ability to keep a worldwide pandemic at bay. IF all the researchers, scientists, medical professionals and politicians in the world work together during the available window of opportunity. With nations like China on our collective team (like it or not) even I realize that this is a big IF. But rational thought will lead us all to the conclusion that the risk of disease increases if we fail to protect ourselves, and hopefully this time history will witness that self preservation is indeed a worldwide human trait.


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