Monday, May 09, 2005

Missing: Canadian Leadership

Sgt Ernest Smith
Canada's last surviving VC recipient (1944)

"I owe those guys so much."
- Steven Scheffer
(liberated by Canadian soldiers in 1945 Holland
when he was 7

Really, we all do.

Despite this, my Prime Minister chose to miss the celebrations yesterday honouring them, showing up a day late with all my other uppity federal leaders.

I don’t care to hear their fervent excuses. I don’t buy Harper’s plaintive cries of not being able to go without the PMO - he means it wasn’t worth it to him to spend his own money to go a day or so early. Same with Layton and Duceppe. There really isn’t an excuse for any of them. They should have been there.

And while our glorious leaders point fingers and play the blame game I find myself increasingly discouraged that they couldn’t even humble themselves to plan a respite so this important event could be properly marked and our Vets, many of whom might not have another chance to celebrate this day, could be shown the respect that they deserve.

It really is the least they could have done.

Lest We Forget.

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