Sunday, May 22, 2005

Getting the party started

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Tomorrow I am taking my children, husband, Quynn and Deven to see the Queen at our Centennial Birthday Celebrations. My children will also have a chance to see the Queen at the Leg and the Provincial Museum over the next couple of days.

I was about Raven's age when I first saw the Queen, in Nanaimo BC (March 8th 1983). Ofcourse, it was raining as we waited for the royal yacht Britannia to pull into the harbour. Actually, it had been raining for days (that's the west coast). There was some concern that the Queen might not get off the boat in the downpour and I remember my father stating that "It wouldn't dare rain on the Queen."

Moments later the Britannia sailed in and settled at the dock. Then the rain stopped, the clouds split and the sun shone. My eyes grew very wide indeed as I watched the Queen get off the boat and walk towards us in sunshine, a truly magical and beautiful woman. I never forgot that moment, and even now it's magic still touches me.

I am a Royalist, I come from a long line of Royalists, and it's a part of our heritage I am happy to pass on to my kids. I have always been very fond of the Queen, since before I can remember. I loved Princess Diana, whom I met in 1986 (also in Nanaimo), and I enjoyed meeting (and guarding) Princess Alexandra when she came for the 75th anniversary of my unit, the Canadian Scottish Regiment (Victoria, BC).

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