Friday, October 01, 2004

I have learned a lot this year...

There is so much to incorporate and define, so many ways to honour how I have grown and changed, so many new opportunities to consider, and now so much time to do it with. Well, not really - it's all percieved time - but now that I have a good couple of weeks off I surely may permit myself sometime to quietly think about everything that has happened this year. Or maybe I am just thinkgin that to make myself feel better!

Today, I am on my way out the door to get some shopping done (girls bday party tomorrow), this afternoon I have campaign office tasks to complete, a webpage to build, an article to write for the newspaper and (I'm sure there is another and in there somewhere!)... tonight we are going for BBQ and Buffy at Quynns house. How is that for my first day off? Laughs. Well, maybe once I can sit myself down and think through all this stuff I will have relieved myself of my blogger's block.

In this last week I finished working (I was filling in for a Mat Leave), was asked to teach at my son's school (his teacher from grade five wants me to come and do some lectures on Journalism and Communications for her class - so now I am trying to find lesson plan examples that approach this in a fun way). Also at the school, I am working with the Principal, PTA and our Community Police Officer to improve traffic and pedestrian safety both at the school and in the neighbourhood (what else do you do when your brother is killed by a car?) and I turned down a job offer from CBC. I've turned down job offers before, but this time I actually stopped her in the interview, asked her a few questions of clarification, and told her that this wasn't the job for me, but thank you for considering me. It's totally not what I had originally thought it was and I am beyond the time in my life where four random jobs make any sense to me. Besides, look at how busy I am already.

This has been a busy year. But I am a busy girl.

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