Friday, October 22, 2004

Busy Busy Girl

When you are running a Campaign Office there is no such thing as weekends. Or slowing down. Or vegging, relaxing, etc, etc. But it is all fun, excitement, moving and shaking, rolling with the punches, meeting expectations and raising the bar. No one would have it any other way.

We are good (understatement). We have an awesome campaign team, with eager, skilled volunteers. We have the best Campaign Manager in the city. My space is finally coming together. We have a great Candidate, and an even better Candidates wife and family. The mundane trials of yesterday are nothing to us now. And most importantly, beyond any shadow of doubt, I have the most wonderful and supportive, understanding, caring husband (of superlative quality) in the whole world. I couldn't be here doing this without him (Thanks Baby).

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