Monday, October 04, 2004

And the Mist rolls down the Valley on Kitten Feet

Amidst much wonderful speculation, I should let you know that we are planning to have a baby. We are not yet having a baby, and we have yet to determine when our lives awould be best blest by such a gift, but we are touched by all the attention and warm wishes.

Our most recent baby dreaming began when our good friend Cathy discovered she was pregnant again. She was likely even just pregnant at our wedding (she was one of my bridesmaids, another blessing of the day). It's been wonderful to get wrapped up in the excitement of expecting a new being in our lives; the planning, the daydreaming, the realization that soon we shall embark on a similiar journey as a couple. The making of a space in our lives that will be filled with future love.

My friend is fresh out of baby names, so she asked me (being so creative and good at conjuring interesting names) for help. This led into our our collective daydreaming and subsequent planning. We're in no rush, but we now have a special place in our lives for a future little Wojtaszek. And we are happy in our anticipation.

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