Sunday, September 12, 2004

Oh come on. We all know it's NOT a Forest Fire...

Last Thursday, on "Foundation Day," the 56th anniversary of the Communist Regime in North Korea, a mushroom cloud (up to 4 kms in diameter) blasted to life in the remote Ryanggang province (Kim Hyong Jik county). This northeastern area is a heavily militarized area near to known Daepodong 1 and 2 missile bases. The damage and crater left by this explosion is big enough to be observed by satellite. North Korea has both been honest about their aspirations to test a nuclear weapon and recently vocal with their distrust of South Korea given recent reports from that country of testing their own nuclear materials.

All coincidence?

We just read a story in CNN that american sources are suggesting the mushroom cloud is just from a forest fire. Gimme a break.

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