Sunday, September 05, 2004

Last Will and Testament

Well today Duncan and I wrote our Wills, Personal Directives and Power of Attorney documents. Enough people have died this year for us without Wills that we knew we didn't want to be intestate ourselves (especially with kids).

After dinner we even had the kids think about what they wanted in the way of funeral arrangements (I typed them up mini "wills") and hilarity ensued - the kids were surprisingly able to determine what they wanted done with their remains and what type of service they wanted in a fairly serious manner, but some absolute jems of thought made me laugh...

Raven wishes her decorative urn and ashes to be carried to her beachside memorial by a horse. The urn must rest on a pink pillow and have a crown drapped over it.

Wesley wishes to have a plain white urn that Duncan and I are to decorate/paint with any design that we want except for "anything pink, flowery or otherwise girly."

Ah, Peace of mind, here we come!

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