Friday, September 17, 2004

Mama, Life Had Just Begun...

Sue Sapir-Niederer is angry that her son is dead.

At the tender age of 24 years, Army 1st Lt. Seth Dvorin was killed in Iraq this past February. Like any one else that loses a loved one Sapir-Niederer has questions that deserve answers, but when she dared to voice them, she found herself arrested.

Her real mistake was thinking that first lady Laura Bush might care about her war hero son, or other american families like hers. But after refusing to acknowledge Sapir-Niederer at a campaign rally and waiting for her to be dragged away, the first lady continued speaking about her husbands great achievements in the war on terror.

Police have since dismissed the charges against her. But there still doesn't seem to be anyone willing to answer her question. Having made the ultimate sacrifice for her country, I think someone should tell her why.

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