Thursday, September 09, 2004

Happy Birthday Raven Dawn

One day, shortly after Christmas in 1994 my sister told me I was pregnant. I laughed at her - ridiculous, I said - I was just starting to get my figure back after the first baby!

Two weeks later, my jeans didn't fit quite right. Peculiar. A week after that I threw up first thing in the morning. Maybe I was pregnant, but the doctor's office test was negative, and then it seemed my period had come. Hmmmm. So I can't be pregnant right?

It only took me one more week to come to the conclusion that I really was indeed pregnant. I informed my doctor, and after a few days decided it was a good thing, albeit bad timing (I was moving to another province the same month as my due date). The baby grew on me, and I (knowing it was a girl) began to refer to her as Raven. Everyone laughed at me but I didn't care... Where I lived the ravens would come and fly over me, circling, calling, laughing even. Every day. The name was perfect.

A couple of months before she was born I had solidified her name - she would be called Raven Dawn Christina Smyth (After my friend Dawn and my Mother). Still no one but me believed her to be a girl, but I knew her.

Raven joined us the evening of Sept 9th 1995, via C-Section, after I had accidently broken my water moving some boxes and the couch. It was just days after we had moved to Calgary. She was a delightful baby whom almost never cried and slept so much I dreamt of forgetting her places. I have very much enjoyed watching her grow into the fine young woman she is becoming.

Happy Birthday Baby. I love you!

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