Friday, September 10, 2004

Best. Spam. Yet.

So, checking my other email account today I was surprised to come across this email in my junk mail folder with the title of "Saw Summer's Daydreams". I always like feedback and comments from viewers, so I ofcourse read it, skeptical (ofcourse) of it's potential authenticity...

Hi, Your blog Summer's Daydreams is fabulous. (Good so far, I'm thinking) The OB/GYN remark is the best Bushism yet. (OK, obviously really has read my blog...) And I thought he was against adultery. I just started a blog and I am trying to attract some readers. (Great strategy, I must admit) I was wondering if you wouldn't mind popping by and taking a look at it. I'm always open to comments and suggestions.

If you happen to really like it, I'd be more than willing to do a link exchange. (Fair enough) In fact here's my link A New York Escorts Confessions. ( Hmmmmm, it really is porn spam... just "clever" porn spam) If you would like to exchange links, just send me an email.


(I liked that part the best)

So, a little deflated, I go and check out And actually, believe it or not, it really is a new blog and not porn afterall! It actually looks kinda cool. I'm gonna check it out more later. Anyone who sends me email that ends in xoxo, Alexa gets extra attention anyday.

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