Sunday, May 02, 2004

Sunday Coffee News Briefs a la Allie

Bastion of Democracy: Iraqi POWs live american nightmare. In the latest scandal to surface from the american occupation of Iraq, and with blatant disrespect to Article 13 of the Geneva Convention, american troops have been torturing, sodomizing, humiliating, beating, threatening and in atleast one known case killing, Iraqi POW's. As the evidence is being gathered it is, not surprisingly, becoming clear that this type of behaviour has been going on for atleast 6 months, but it has likely been longer than that.

President Bush has said that he "... shared a deep disgust that those prisoners were treated the way they were treated. Their treatment does not reflect the nature of the american people." But alas, can there can be any other measure of a people than how they treat their prisoners of war?

No Room to Breathe: SARS resurfaces in China. With a confirmed SARS death and several new or suspected cases of SARS, China is yet again wrapped up in the panic that gripped them when SARS hit last year, which world wide, killed around 800 people. The source of the new virus is still speculative, although these latest outbreaks in China seem to be traced to poor lab practices spreading the disease once again. Hopefully the WHO is correct in assessing that China has this outbreak under control, and it will remain an isolated incidence. Meanwhile, scientists in Toronto have discovered specific criteria in relation to the SARS infection that will possibly lead to an early and easy blood test for SARS.

That's gotta hurt: Wing's Yzerman downed by puck. A puck errantly deflected into the face of Stevie Yzerman during the second period of Saturday's Game against the Calgary Flames has taken the Detroit Captain out of the game, indefinitely, with his team admitting he will not play again this season. Yzerman suffered a scratched cornea and multiple fractures of his orbital bone, and required 4.5 hours of surgery to repair his vision. Concern for Yzerman was apparent from both teams yesterday. It is expected that Yzerman will make a full recovery.

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