Sunday, May 09, 2004

Sunday Coffee News Briefs a la Allie

Assasination: "Passed Away Undefeated". Chechen President Akhmad Kadyrov was killed today in an explosion at Grozny's Dynamo stadium. Thirteen other people died in the blast and as many as forty-four people were reported wounded, including the top commander of Russian forces in Chechnya, Gen. Valery Baranov. The stadium was crowded with people celebrating "Victory Day" which commemorats the defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II. The Russian media are blaming Chechen separatists for the attack, of whom Kadyrov was a part until abandonning the revolution and seeking peace with Russia in 1995. It has been specualted the bomb may have been buried in concrete under the VIP stand since renovations occurred there 3 months ago.

Iraqi Horror Picture Show: "Leaking Like Toxic Waste." In his own vivid portrayal to the Senate Armed Services Committee Donald Rumsfeld, speaking of hundreds of different pictures illustrating american soldiers torturing and abusing detained Iraqi citizens and POW's, described the yet to be seen photo's as "brutal, cruel and so inhumane." Rumsfeld emotionally concluded that he felt terrible about what has happened to the victimized Iraqi detainees. "They were in U.S. custody. Our country had an obligation to treat them right. We didn't, and that was wrong," Rumsfeld said, apologizing. "So to those Iraqis who were mistreated by members of the U.S. armed forces, I offer my deepest apology." Referring to unreleased images Rumsfeld has reassurred the world that "It gets worse."

Worse? Really, how could it get worse? It's already very, very bad. Well, atleast he apologized.

Surprise!: Humans in Iraq are still considered Humans. The UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights announced today that they will be investigating the events in Iraq since the April 2003 start date of the american occupation. Long-time human rights expert Jakob Moller will be involved in preparing the report, which will also be released to the press. The document means to address the treatment of detainees as well as the military-security situation, including suspected acts of terrorism. The Human Rights report will also deal with protection of civilians, displacement, the situation of women and children, freedom of religion or belief, core rights, and accountability.

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