Thursday, May 20, 2004

Self fulfilling prophecy?

I often wonder if the people who live in the Middle East, or adhere to the one of the three "great" western traditions, are purposely working towards bringing down Armageddon.

Israel's defiance of international outcry is mind boggling. They rampage, undeterred, through the Gaza Strip, killing 50+ (and rising) Palestinians in the Rafah refugee camp alone. The UN reports that 2,200 Palestinians have become homeless in Rafah since May 1, and that Rafah is "overflowing with casualties from the massive Israeli raid."

The United Nations Security Council passed a resolution yesterday calling Israel to halt demolition immediately of homes in Rafah, and to stop the killing (especially of peaceful protesters and children). The resolution (passed 14-0) was adopted after the americans abstained from the vote, declining to exercise its veto on an Israel-related resolution for the first time since September 2002!

Wow. I'm not sure I ever expected to see that happen.

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