Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Are You Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

What's going on in the world today? Craziness, I tell you! Craziness...

Bye Sheila!

Sheila Copps "retired" (those are tears of joy streaming from Bweezy's eyes); Sonia Gandhi refused the position of Prime Minister of India (what would make her do that?); A Rocket Launcher was found hidden near a rail-transit station, FBI insists it wouldn't be able to destroy an aircraft or a train (well, that makes me feel better); A key military witness in the Abu Ghraib torture scandal insists there is "Definitely a Cover-Up" (no, really?); Four people were arrested in connection with the beheading of Nicholas Berg (well, isn't that 5th guy dead?), Iraq buried Izzidine Salim (Peace be upon him); Nigeria is in a state of emergency (some countries have no luck); President Vladimir Putin postponed his state of the nation speech (not wanting to be blown up I imagine); and Pope John Paul II turned 84 (ummm, Happy Birthday?).

But really my thoughts remain rooted within the voice of the book I have been reading on the bus back and forth from the university. DEFYING HITLER. There seems to me to be an eery correlation with what the author seeks to impart on me and what is presently happening around me today. His words span a couple of generations in order to enter my world - and they challenge me, threaten me; encourage me. It's like an odd shadow narrative in my head while I read it.

I'll have to gather my thoughts on it for a post on a different day...

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