Tuesday, April 06, 2004

It's a crosswalk, Dumbass

So there I am, standing at the school waiting for Wes to get out of class. I am watching my daughter and her friend while they are on the other side of the road. Just as Raven's friend goes to step on the crosswalk a car comes around the corner with no obvious intent on stopping. I don't even have time to say watch out. The driver see's the girls, doesn't slow down, and swerves slightly so she can get around them and keep going.

So I am a little upset... and seeing that the driver has now (double parked) only a short ways away I decide to say something to her. Belaying my first instinct to say "HEY YOU STUPID BITCH," I start out with "Hey, that was my daughter you almost hit on that ..." but she interupts me with "Oh, (flicks hair back) you mean those girls that ran out onto the road? You should teach them better not to run in front of cars," and walks away.

Oh really? Well. Did you know it was against the law to enter a crosswalk when someone is in it? I did. Do you know it's a 500.00 fine? Well... guess who is on her way to the Police Station right now to finish filing her complaint? I'll be back later.

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