Monday, April 12, 2004

Easter Weekend Volume One

Whilst taking a break from cooking our Easter Dinner (which is tonight since the kids have just arrived home) I thought I would try and quickly get some blog time in.

This weekend has been marvelous. Thursday evening after the kids left with their Dad we went to see an advanced showing of the Punisher. It was very good, dark and gruesome at times, but good. I liked the way the comic book "hero" differieniated between themes of revenge (which he had no respect for) and punishment, which he saw as a needed action when the law just wouldn't do.

Good Friday I had a surprise for Duncan - he had said that he wanted to go see the Whole Ten Yards, so I bought him the Whole Nine Yards and we watched it before I took him out to see the movie. That evening we watched Hockey (ofcourse) at our place with Quynn, and it was a great game! After Quynn went home Duncan finished Splinter Cell 2 (Pandora Tomorrow) and we went to bed with much to celebrate.

Saturday we finished watching the Matrix movies (we had watched the Matrix earlier in the week) and I was pleasantly confronted with themes I had picked up in watching them before but really stood out when one watches them all together. The story closely follows the Easter story, and I might blog more about it later, but if you know the story of Elijah and Jesus, as well as are familiar with Greek Mythology, go and rewatch the movies all together. After the movies we went down to Whyte Avenue and cruised through the shops enjoying the sunshine. Duncan had made reservations at Yianni's, a wonderful little greek place that treated us to belly dancing during our meal. After dinner we strolled from Whyte Avenue downtown, across the high level bridge. The North Saskatchewan River was beuatiful, and the lights of the city and the Legislature, coupled with the stars, made it very romantic. We ended up at Chez Pierre's, a Strip Club that I first took Duncan to (his first time) four years ago. Four Years, wow. It seems just like yesterday! We had a very enjoyable time and I recieved some extra special attention from my favourite girl that night, Brittany.

Easter Sunday, we slept in... glorious morning. All our plans got a little mixed up but we managed to prevail and salvage an evening for ourselves. We watched the Hockey Game at Hooters with a bunch of Canucks Fans (BOOOOO CANUCKS) and we lost - it was still a good game. We came home, changed into our PJ's and went out for a walk, always enjoyable. I miss walking lots with Duncan, thank god the weather is finally better!

Today, well we hid Chocolate eggs (some I made myself) and treats for the kids to find when they arrived home. That's gotta be the funnest part of Easter, the whole egg hunt! We did some web updating stuff and cleaned up a bit, especially outside where the lawn needs some spring attention. I am in the midst of cooking a roast pork dinner, with Mixed Veggies, Hollandaise sauce and Yorkshire Pudding (which reminds me, I must go and put those in the oven). MmmMmmmmm. But yes I must go. I hope everyone had an awesome weekend as well!

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