Saturday, April 17, 2004

Game Six Roller Coaster Ride

Heart stopping excitement. Desperation. Nausea. Relief. Pure joy. Thrill. Pride. Anticipation. Desire. Conviction.

Two periods down. I know this is what makes a good hockey game - but right now I *might* prefer the smug comfort of a four goal lead... but then again, I like Roller Coasters.

Go Flames GO!

Update one (11:30pm): OMG! This is what hockey should be - and we are going to double overtime! My heart is bursting! "Oh, take me where the hockey players, Face-off down the rink; And the Stanley Cup is all filled up, For the champs who win the drink... Now the final flick of a hockey stick, and one gigantic scream; Well, the puck is in! The home team wins! That good old hockey game!!!!"

Update two (12:14am): We are tired, but still in the game! The third overtime period will hopefully see the Flames score!

Last update (12:33am): Flames are going to game seven, but I am not disappointed - that was an awesome game. They were so tired, but played so well! It was a classic. But now I am going to bed!

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