Sunday, April 11, 2004

Blog Happens!

But only when life doesn't get in the way!

Every weekend that the kids are off with their Dad Duncan always plans out some parts of our days to be just completely "us" and "date" orientated, and this weekend has been no exception. And the best part? TWO MORE DAYS TO GO! Yay us! Tonight we are off to Quynn's for Sushi, Steak and Calgary Flames Hockey.

Is there anything more glorious than the Stanley Cup Playoffs? It's my favourite season!

Oh and for the curious, Bush did know Bin Laden had plans to commit terrorist acts upon US soil, including possibly using planes to target NY buildings, before the Sept 11 2001 attacks. But we all knew that anyways didn't we.

Oh yeah, and Happy Easter to any devotees out there - if you want to watch an interesting portrayal of the Easter Story than watch all three Matrix movies together (in the right order silly).

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