Monday, April 12, 2004

Easter Weekend Volume Two

Even though many different pages and blogs consider me to be a News Blog, it really has been a while since I wrote a news oriented post (versus opinion). I feel I have maybe neglected that part of my blogging persona and therefore some of my audience (sorry). My apologies. Let me try to make up for it.

Top Story: Iraq: Who would Jesus Bomb?

The crisis in Al-Fallujah is the most predominant among many problematic areas in Iraq (where american troops are currently fighting a "two front" battle against both Sunni and Shi'a insurgencies). The violence has been so extreme in Al-Fallujah that the Iraqi Governing Council felt it neccessary to denounce american military operations there and call for a cease fire, which it has secured, although sporadic reports indicate fighting has resumed there again. With americans determined to exert more pressure to gain control before the June 30th handover date, they seem not to realize the people of Iraq need the occupation to end before the transfer of power can be considered legitimate. "They behave as though it is their country and we are all terrorists," said one Falluja resident.

Personally, I doubt that the americans will ever be able to encourage, inspire or inflict reform throughout Iraq, or the Middle East for that matter. They refuse to come to an understanding of the people, the culture, the beliefs and religion, their tribal histories (and tendancies) or their determination of spirit and how they define themselves as a group. Yet the americans do seem to be prepared to commit a large amount of undisciplined military force to achieve this end - an illustration of the severe lack of coherent planning for post war Iraq. But this is perhaps a blog for another day.

Local News: Edmonton: What's Wrong with our Police?

A 24 year old Edmontian father ran into a burning house to save his two children from certain death. Neighbours had tried to enter the home but had been pushed back from the heat and the smoke. The Dad managed to reach the kids and get them to the doorway before he collasped, needing medical attention for smoke inhalation that collasped a lung. While his children were whisked away to Stollery Children's Hospital for treatment (where they remain in stable condition) the Dad was arrested by Edmonton Police on an outstanding warrant for an unpaid 57.00 fine, and taken to the remand centre. He did not recieve any medical attention until after his family was able to raise his bail. He then went to the hospital to see his children.

So what's wrong with this story? I'm sorry - I think you need to use some discretion in certain situations, and certainly an arrest warrant can be dealt with in the few days after something like this happens - you know, let the guy get some medical attention and see his kids in hospital to make sure they are ok? My guess is that because this man is Native he was treated like a second class scum by city Police. I'm getting really tired of this kind of thing here in Edmonton, it happens alot. I don't much like it here - but that is definatly a blog for a different day.

Public Service: Canada - Greatest Canadian

Duncan and I have been debating for more than a few days now whom we should nominate for the CBC's Greatest Canadian. If you haven't had a chance already, check it out. I will publish my decision when I complete it!

As for posting news again, I have mixed feelings - I see so much in the indy and other nations media that I want to post the gory horrid truth of whats facing the people of Iraq, but the stories are not "popular" and might even decrease readership... and yet that leaves me thinking that the teppid watered down versions our us controlled media has to offer has no teeth at all. It's like deseminating propaganda for them... all the while pretending everything is ok. I don't think it's me. We shall see.

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