Friday, July 09, 2010

Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade...

Empire Avenue is growing fast - if you have an online presence at all you do not want to be left out of this. Currently the site is invite only so you have to know someone who can invite you to join. Soon the site will open to everyone so there is a benefit to getting in now and building your profile and reputation before that occurs.

Empire Avenue is the perfect place to promote your online influence and personal brand. Aside from the fun aspects of playing the game (it's a stock market game), I have been enjoying the networking opportunities and really like how people are building communities in Empire Avenue - both online and offline with communiteam meetups. The communities are a place for discourse with a global audience and to find people with similar likes and interests. Participation in your social media connections and on the site itself is rewarded.

I've been reading everyone's advise on how to excel on Empire Avenue and there really is a multitude of great information out there. If I were to add my advice to people on Empire Avenue it would be to upgrade. Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade. Check out the different upgrades you can get in the shop and consider them goals to work towards. They are significant investments but they pay off as your portfolio value grows and your dividends increase.

Oh yeah, and invest in ALLIE!

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