Monday, July 26, 2010

Come Along For The Ride!

In the latest Empire Building Network blog post titled "Breaking News: Empire Avenue Adds Influencer Scores," William Pitcher writes about the new social networking scoring introduced today by the Empire Avenue development team. He calculates an "iRanking" based on the unweighted averages (as they are listed today) of the twenty five influencers on the Leaderboard.

Today my scores are EAv (62), twitter (46), facebook (48) and flickr (37). William's calculations of the top 25 leaders on Empire Avenue makes my iRank at number 1.

"Clearly, there are differences between share price and influence scores with someone like ALLIE scoring well on all four measure plus being number one in weekly earnings while only ranking 12th in share price. Expect to see her move up."

When I read this I was pleased - but also a tiny bit perplexed. I think the only way I can move up in share price at this exact moment is to buy the upgrades to offer more shares for people to buy. While this seems to be a no brainer the upgrades are pricey and will come at a considerable cost to my portfolio.

However there can be no gain without some risk and forward movement is the name of the game - I owe it to my shareholders to continue to build on the investments they have made in me. There will be upgrades forthcoming to offer more shares of ALLIE to anyone who wants them - watch out for your chance to own some of the best producing stocks on Empire Avenue. I can't predict exactly where this new adventure will go but I am confident it will be worth coming along for the ride!

See you on the Avenue!


Glynn said...

If you think about it though, with a larger influx of people, the stock TRADING part of things is going to come into play even more now, and influence prices with another variable we haven't seen much of yet. I only ever see 2-5 trades up on the boards at the best of times.


Allie said...

True - I have been doing quite well in trading and when stocks are sold they are bought again y new investors right away.

It's actually a really exciting time to be on Empire Avenue. I can't wait to see how the market reacts when it opens to the world!

Adriel Hampton said...

Eager to stock up on new Allie shares!

Allie said...

Soon. 1 or 2 days :)