Thursday, July 01, 2010

Rule #1 - Cardio

Today was much easier to get out to our workout as it is Canada Day. As the gym didn't open early today I was able to sleep in, which was a bonus all in itself.

The gym wasn't very crowded (it usually isn't in the mornings, but less so today) so access to the machines was plentiful and I was able to do my usual circuit without much waiting. My Doctor had outlined 30 minutes of weight/resistance training he wants me to do, but some of the machines I like to do more sets on (like the calf raise) so I actually spent 45 minutes on this part of my work out. Cardio is next, another 30 minutes is what the Doctor ordered. I was going to use a machine but my son wanted to do the track so I walked/ran on the track.

I realize that my workout is a little haphazard and that I should likely focus a tad bit more on what I am actually doing (i.e. trying to build muscle and tone) so before I left I booked an appointment with a personal trainer. That's for next Tuesday evening, which unfortunately means I am going to have to miss Yoga but it was the only appointment time available for the entire month of July.

I told my daughter that I would run the Bloomsday Run with her in 2011. Seemed like an easy thing to promise at the time (haha) but if I am going to be running 12 kms by the beginning of May next year I should develop a training plan for that as well.

After our work out this morning Wesley treated me to Booster Juice - I had a 12 oz Brazilian Thunder with extra fibre, which was tasty and only amounted to 220 calories, less than what I burned this morning at the gym.

Life is good :)

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