Sunday, November 16, 2003

So call me crazy, but today I took 5 kids to Galaxyland, and we all had a blast! Duncan and our friend Quynn also came, as did one of the other kids parents, but she didn't want to ride any rides... MY NEW FAVOURITE RIDE IS THE SPACE SHOT. What a blast! Duncan and I went on it twice... we didn't even get out of our seats, I just yelled "We're going again!". I think that the Upside Down Ship was much more enjoyable the second time on it, and the Roller Coaster as always was most exciting! Yay Roller Coasters! The kids had smiles on their faces the whole time, which in my books was more then worth it.

We had a short turn over time from getting all the kids fed and home to when we had to be back at the mall for MASTER and COMMANDER. An amazing movie... of epic proportions. I liked it, not quite as much as Duncan, but I was more then happy with the experience. The movie itself was a treat from Quynn, who took all of us to see it (THANK YOU QUYNN!).

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