Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Seattle does need to relax!

Like I have said before, sometimes I am a feminist, and sometimes feminists really piss me off. Here is a really good example of those times where "feminists" piss me off.

A Sushi resturant in Seattle has been offering naked Sushi, Japanese style. In a sensual preformance, a female model, wearing only a thong, lays still on a table while the chef serves sushi onto her midriff.

The model claims the experience to be relaxing, sensual and meditative. "It's ridiculous to comment on it without experiencing it", she says.

Women's groups opposing this preformance insist that the model has only "internalized her oppression."

Pardon me?

Maybe it is because I am a sexually confident, mature woman who is deliriously happy with her own sexuality. Maybe it is because I think that a womans body is a beautiful thing and people should be honored when it is shared with them. Maybe it is because I love the arts and their expression, and despise censorship - or perhaps because I love Sushi so much? Or maybe it is just because I believe in a womans right to express herself as she sees fit.

To all those so called feminists out there, I ask, where is the true oppression here? What gives you the right to tell a woman what she can or can't do? What gives you the right to assert that a woman's body is something to be ashamed of, or hidden? Why don't you get about the business of advocating for a woman's right to empower herself through expression, rather then trying to demolish it?

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