Saturday, November 15, 2003

Santa Claus is Coming to town!

We have started an extremly busy weekend with a special crepe breakfast at the mall (I had a strawberry custard crepe... mmmmm). We ate just in time to see Santa Claus arrive at West Edmonton Mall. It was great, a big parade, amazing Christmas decor, and enough excitement to get any one caught up in the Christmas Spirit! I love Christmas, and I still believe in Santa Claus!

Duncan and I enjoyed Hockey Night in Canada from the comfort of (whats quickly becoming our favourite bar haunt) Hooters, the game made more enjoyable by the wanton consumption of Big Rock's Honey Brown Beer and Snow Crab legs. The night could only have been more perfect if the Fames had actually won!

Even better news is we brought our computer home yesterday. Finally out of the shop with all its brand spangled new parts. This means I can now get all my updates done to my web pages! Oh yeah, and I got a bunch of Christmas shopping done as well, which always makes me happy. Did I mention I love Christmas???

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