Friday, November 07, 2003

Dear Santa...

Today, at our house, a big colourful Toys R Us Christmas Catalogue arrived. Hoping to spur some insight into Christmas hopes for potential gift giving ideas, I left it in the middle of the living room floor, right where it was bound to be noticed.

I just found the results, albeit not quite what I expected, but after Duncan and I had laughed our way through it, my thought was that I had to blog about it, for prosperity sakes. It might be worth noting that I don't know what half this stuff is... So, without further adieu, here is the letter I found with the book:

To Santa

This is all the things I would like Just pick one or two.

1. Game Boy Advance SP- Red *
2. Pokemon Pinball *
3. Finding Nemo *
4. gooey louie
5. K Nex
6. McFlurry Maker
7. the Real cotton candy machine *
8. Easy Bake Oven *
9. Polly Pocket set
10. Bratz boys and girls
11. My Scene
12. Barbie Swan Lake
13. ello
14. clikits
15. Pixter
16. 19" Dot
17. 38" Floppy bear
18. Tye Dye Unicorn
19. Puppies - assorted breeds
20. Snubbies dog den
21. Snubbies snuggable Plush
22. Big head first puppy
23. the dog
24. you and me
25. go go walking pup
26. Nail Polish
27. $75.99 *
28. flexible Barbie
29. ice cream
30. tickets for Galaxyland *

* I want these ones espeshly.

From Raven

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