Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Its Not Over Until ...

What’s worse than privately musing about your leading opponent’s death?

Using your outside voice. In public.

More than once.

It seems that Hillary Clinton has been using this soundbite since she first went on record with it in March. These are calculated, practiced words that she chooses to say, again and again, for a reason.

To an outside observer it appears somewhat pathological.

Consistently referring to this particular political assassination in order to justify the continuation of her failing campaign is, well, distasteful at best. However, considering that her opponent has been favourably and repeatedly compared to Robert Kennedy by his supporters makes the sub text much more sinister.

With Hillary’s faulty memories, opinions about American heros, imaginary friends, ex friends and Freudian slips I am starting to get a clearer picture about what kind of candidate she really is.

Ever wonder how the Republicans could possibly win back the White House in 2008 after the near disastrous reign of George Bush?

Two words: Hillary Clinton.

If she doesn’t step down soon the Democratic Party might find that the damage she has done is irrevocable.

Someone get that woman an Exit Strategy!


Anonymous said...

I tend to think that Hillary Clinton wouldn't wish--even internally--her opponent's assassination, but I do side with you that she needs to wind up her remarkable but increasingly embarrassing campaign for her party's nomination. This quote comes to mind:

"What difference does it make how a man falls? When the fall is all that's left, it matters a great deal."


Allie said...

I would also like to believe that Hillary is a decent human being that would actually not ill-wish another human being.

Of course I have been around politics enough to know that these kinds of things are not just innocent meaningless remarks (if you only have a few seconds to get someones attention or find that one soundbite thats going to get you some air time you pick your words very carefully). Whats more concerning to me is that she has said this before - at least three times I could find this in major media sources - which nullifies the careless gaffe theory. This was no accident and this is no ordinary campaign.

She, for whatever political motivation (reasons likely known only to her because I can't imagine a campaign team thinking this is a good idea), is choosing to say this and allowing this innuendo to exist around her opponent - an opponent who has had death threats since the day he announced his campaign. It's bad form, poor taste and, imho, an example (among many) of some fairly serious character flaws that should proclude her from holding an office such as President. But I guess that's never stopped anyone before!

Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to like Hillary Clinton... but never could bring myself to do so because she makes the worst decisions a woman who is a lawyer, in politics and is a mother to a daughter could.

She consistently surrounds herself with the wrong kind of staff, chooses to ignore the good advice she gets unsolicited by well meaning people and she doens't care about consequences. She will worry about that in the courts should it ever come to that.

I have no respect for her. And something tells me she has very little integrity otherwise she would have even less respect for herself overall.