Thursday, May 08, 2008

Gimme Shelter or I'm Gonna Fade Away

When Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar on May 2 it hurled a 12 foot high wall of sea water, called a storm surge, 40 kms inland. Winds up to 129 mph flattened the lives it found in its path.

Today the death toll looks likely to exceed 100,000 people – and the storm has left an estimated one million people homeless. Many people do not have water, food prices (where food is available) have risen 300% and further deaths from disease and starvation are inevitable, especially without help.

The International Federation of Red Cross has launched a preliminary emergency appeal for $6 million. All funds raised will be used to provide survivors with basic supplies, emergency shelter, and to ensure people have access to health care and clean water. I have chosen to support the Red Cross because they already have volunteers on the ground in Myanmar and are able to get the aid directly to the areas that need it without interference from the Junta.

You can donate as well – there is no amount too small! You can select to have your donation ear marked by selecting "Myanmar Cyclone" in the online option or by writing it on your cheque.

Online: Red Cross Online Donation Page

Phone: 1-800-418-1111

Canadian Red Cross National Office
170 Metcalfe Street, Suite 300
Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 2P2
Cheques payable to the Canadian Red Cross

In Person (Edmonton): 9931 106 Street NW, Edmonton (click here for map)

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